Heating and Air Conditioning

Nothing is worse than heat that’s not warm, or air conditioning that’s not cool.  Adjusting the thermostat won’t help if the machinery isn’t working properly.  And if your family isn’t comfortable in their own home, nobody’s happy.

Glenn Mechanical has licensed professionals who are ready to inspect, service and repair your home HVAC system. They know their way around an array of heating and air systems, and they’ll dig in to find your specific problem.  They can handle a major overhaul, or they’ll replace a simple fuse.  You can expect honesty from the Glenn experts, who will keep you fully informed about all the work necessary to complete the job. They’re bonded and insured, and they’ll respect your property throughout the service call.

If you decide a new HVAC system is the best decision for your home or you’re ready for an upgrade, Glenn Mechanical has got you covered.  A service expert will examine your home’s particular heating and cooling specifications, and discuss a range of options available for maximum energy efficiency. Experienced technicians are prepared to install air conditioning units, air handlers, heat pumps, furnaces and thermostats to address your precise needs.  They’ll treat your property as if it were their own, and dispose of your old unit as part of the clean-up.

Your family deserves year-round comfort.  Enjoy airflow that’s just the right temperature every single day.  Trust Glenn Mechanical to inspect, service, upgrade or replace your HVAC system…and keep everyone happy.