Most people never think about their home’s electrical wiring—until something goes wrong.  Wiring in a house will age, and connections will fail.  Do-it-yourself electrical work is rarely a good or safe idea. When a wiring issue happens, rely on a licensed electrician from Glenn Mechanical to make your house safe.

Their experienced electrical experts perform a wide variety of services for your home, from simple connections to large installations. First, they do emergency repairs when you have a short and some wires get fried, or if you have electrical damage due to water or lightning. They can install switches and outlets, so you’ll always have room for one more phone charger. If you need a ceiling fan installed or wiring for recessed lighting, they’ve got you covered. And if you want to install a surge protector to safeguard your computers and appliances, no problem.

Glenn Mechanical can also handle much larger jobs, like room renovations or additions. New rooms mean more outlets, more lights and maybe even thermostats. And those additions might also require upgrades to breaker boxes.  If you’re restoring an older home, you might need all new wiring to avoid fire hazards and bring the structure up to code. And if you’re in the market for an auxiliary generator, they have the professionals to get you safely hooked up for any emergency.

Whatever size electrical job you have in your home, don’t take chances with electrical current!  Rely on Glenn Mechanical’s experienced, licensed experts to keep the power flowing safely throughout your home.