Backflow Testing

home backflow testingIs it time for backflow testing?

Proper water pressure is vital for ensuring that wastewater doesn’t mingle with fresh. A backflow test is fairly quick and should be conducted by a certified, licensed professional. Glenn Mechanical can make sure your home’s backflow prevention system is operational and up to code.

Your city or county water supplier pressurizes the water flowing to your house so that it will pour out of the faucet when you turn it on. There can be an interruption or decrease in water pressure due to a water main break, fire department use or even the elevation of your property.  If that happens, wastewater from your home could possibly flow backwards down the pipes and into the water supply. That wastewater could be from your sink, your shower or even your toilet.

Backflow prevention devices attach to your pipes to stop backwards water flow if the pressure drops. They’re vital for the safety of our drinking water. Most businesses and many homes have them. They’re especially common in homes with irrigation systems.

If you have a backflow prevention device, state regulations require regular testing. Testing takes less than an hour. Glenn Mechanical has certified technicians who can check your devices and repair or replace them if necessary. They’ll even complete and file your paperwork to let the state know you’re all set.


Backflow Testing