Glenn Mechanical offers a wide variety of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical services from replacing your ceiling fan or light switch to your water heater or air condition unit, we have your covered. Our Service Department prides itself on being prompt and professional with every task.

A well-functioning home is all about the proper flow—of air that’s the right temperature, water that’s fresh and clean, and electricity that’s safe and up to code.  Here are some of the Home Solutions we offer:

Part of being a homeowner is making sure everything is operating correctly.  Most people aren’t really trained to spot potential problems with their air, plumbing or electrical systems.  Some malfunctions may not even be visible.  And even when you do realize something’s wrong, attempting your own repairs can sometimes lead to costly or dangerous complications.  Glenn Mechanical’s advice is to let the experts handle your air, water and electrical issues quickly and safely.

Our technicians are licensed, bonded, tested and trustworthy.  They’ll respect your home and property while working, and they’ll take the time to hear your concerns and answer any questions along the way.  They’ll help keep your airflow the right temperature, your water moving in the right direction and your power flowing exactly where you want it.  Rely on Glenn Mechanical for your home repairs and installations.